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by Cody Sperber on November 28, 2012

In the U.S. alone there are approximately 5.1 Million millionaires according to Boston Consulting Group (a company that tracks the number of millionaires world wide).  Many of these millionaire families were created because of investments into real estate.  Right now there is a HUGE transfer of wealth occurring and if you don’t act quickly you will miss one of the greatest opportunities to get filthy rich.

Clever Investor Prepares American’s To Become Filthy Rich By Teaching Them How To Invest In Real Estate.

There are really two levels of real estate investments…ACTIVE and PASSIVE.

As an ACTIVE real estate investor you are flipping houses for profit.  There are two main ACTIVE real estate investing strategies which are Wholesaling Real Estate and Rehabbing Houses.

As a PASSIVE real estate investor you are essentially allowing your money to “to to work” for you.  The two main PASSIVE real estate investing strategies are Owning Rentals and Creating Paper (being the bank and using creative seller financing to collect cashflow).

At they teach you how to flip houses with no money or credit, how to rehab properties for HUGE paydays, how to own and manage rental properties, and how to use creative real estate investing techniques to seller finance homes.

No matter why you want to get into real estate, right now is your BIG opportunity to “get in the game”.  Learning how to invest in real estate has never been easier with the free, tactical real estate investing education found on

Making Money While You Sleep Is Just Plain Smart!!!

How To Invest In Real EstateWith real estate investing…it is possible to “make money while you sleep”.  This can be done quickly and easily by purchasing high cash flow, income producing rental properties.  These investments will require little to none of your time if you structure the acquisition and management the right way.  Right now, because of the state of the economy, you can pick up low maintenance rentals at 30%-50% discounts from retail that produce 12% – 25% annual cash on cash returns.

Through the real estate investing education you can get at, we show you exactly how to find, buy, and fund these properties without having to go to a traditional bank!

Learning How To Invest In Real Estate Does Not Have To Be Boring!

Clever Investor strives to create the most fun, engaging, and tactical real estate investing education found online.  Learning how to invest in real estate does not have to be boring, hard, or scary.  If you look back at all the teachers you had while growing up…maybe 2 or 3 stand out.  That is because being a GREAT teacher is hard work.  It takes a lot of training, and dedication to be a GREAT teacher and at they only have the BEST real estate investing mentors, coaches, and educators in the industry.  Their real world, tactical systems help both new and experienced real estate investors dominate their local markets.  If you are searching for the BEST real estate investing education, and you want to learn how to invest in real estate, then check out today.


We Buy Houses Arizona Website Review

by Cody Sperber on February 6, 2012

We Buy Houses Arizona

We Buy Houses Arizona Website Review

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization for real estate investors and professionals, there are very few that actually get it right.  To help you get a good understanding of how you should complete your “onsite optimization” I wanted to review a website I have called “”.  This site is a templated Freedomsoft site which is an awesome CRM system that also allows you to build 5 page websites quickly.  While this blog post is not designed to promote Freedomsoft, if you are a new real estate investor looking for a kick butt website and lead management tool I highly suggest you check it out at

Anyways, the first page of is well written for SEO.  The meta and title data is optimized for Google’s spiders and to help with conversions in the SERP’s.  The two targeted keyword phrases are “We Buy Houses Arizona“, and “We Buy Houses Phoenix” which both phrases are perfectly placed throughout the home pages content / headlines.  We choose these phrases after doing some keyword research using Google’s free keyword tool for Adwords.  Simply Google “keyword tool” and it will be the first search result.

After we choose our keywords, we then created our unique content and placed the phrases throughout the content about 4-6 different times.  The goal is to write about 700-800 words of relevant content and have a couple of your keyword phrases link to an internal page set up and optimized for just that keyword.

Next we optimized an internal page for We Buy Houses and We Buy Houses Phoenix.  Once again we created some unique optimized content that is relevant to the real estate industry.

I just wanted to share this site with you so you can see just how easy it is to do some quick onsite optimization.  No need to spend 100’s of hours building a massive website.  Small, highly optimized lead generation websites can rank very high on Google if you just take the time to do some quick onsite optimization.




Top 75 Real Estate People To Connect With On

I do quite a bit of social networking online and is one of my favorite websites to meet other like minded real estate professionals and investors.  Over the last few months I have really stepped up my efforts to build my network and have meet some really great RE people from all across the country.  I put together a list of the Top 75 Real Estate People You Should Be Connected With On because I find these people to be great connections.  Some of them are real estate investors, some are real estate professionals, and some are “Guru’s”.  All of them are interesting and worth checking out.  This list is in no particular order and the main criteria I had when putting together the list was that they had to have over 100 connections or be extremely active on!

Top 75 Real Estate People To Connect With On

  1. Deb McMillan – Active Real Estate Investor and Short Sale Coach
  2. Bobby Carroll - Social Media Coach @ Dakno Real Estate Web Design
  3. Jason Lucchesi – Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor
  4. Sergio Rodriguez, Open Networker – Real Estate Investor, Agent, and Wholesaler
  5. David Sims – Real Estate Investor and Founder @ Premier Acquisitions Group
  6. Daniel Croke – Managing Partner @ Wholesale RES
  7. Richard Odessey, Ph. D. – Partner @ Gap Funding Group (Short Sale Funding)
  8. Jeff Turner – President At Zeek Interactive and
  9. Gary Jordan – Real Estate Investor, Note Buyer, Private Equity Lender
  10. Cory Boatright - Real Estate Investor and Short Sale Trainer
  11. Nicole Nicolay – Writer and Educator @
  12. Than Merrill – Real Estate Investor and Founder @ Fortune Builders
  13. Paul Esajian – Real Estate Investor and Co-Founder @ Fortune Builders
  14. Duncan Wierman – Real Estate Investor and Internet Marketer
  15. Scott Phillips – Real Estate Investor and Pilot
  16. Angella Raisian – Broker @ Paragon Realty & Investments
  17. Debbie Hanna – Sales Agent @ Remax Commercial
  18. Greg Clement - CEO @ RealeFlow, Internet Marketer, and Real Estate Investor
  19. David Wedemire – Commercial Real Estate Investor, Owner @ Bedrock Management Group
  20. Annetta Powell – Real Estate Coach and Internet Marketer
  21. Matthew Coates - Real Estate Expert and Realtor @ West USA Realty Revelation
  22. Michelle McDermott – Broker / Salesperson @ Real Estate One / Realty World
  23. Tess Lawson – Hard Money Lender @ The Evolution Fund
  24. George Baumann – Real Estate Agent @ Regency Realty Services
  25. Brian Duggan – President @ Kellogg Real Estate Alumni Club
  26. Mike Zlotnik – VP, Funding Operations at Tempo Funding
  27. Brenda Houghton – Real Estate Agent and REO Expert @ RE/MAX Masters
  28. Robert Darr – Real Estate Agent and Land Developer at Peoples Company
  29. Mark Archer – Real Estate Agent and Internet Marketer
  30. Magi Bird – Real Estate Investor and CEO @ Realty Equity Marketers
  31. Chris Yates – Real Estate Investor and President @ CM Yates
  32. Justin Lee – Real Estate Investor and Short Sale Expert
  33. Sean Malarkey - Real Estate Investor and Professional Internet Marketer
  34. Darren Dicke – Real Estate Investor and Property Wholesaler
  35. Ryan Moeller – President @ Real Return Real Estate
  36. Doug Wood – Real Estate Professional, Property Manager, And Investor
  37. George Polzer – Real Estate Business Strategist and Agent @ HomeSmart
  38. Larry Goins - Real Estate Investor and President @ Investors Rehab
  39. Rafael Mendez – Real Estate Investor and Mentor
  40. Stephen Roulac – Speaker and CEO @ Roulac Global Places
  41. Alan Tapp – Real Estate Investor, Coach, and President at Invesdoor
  42. Karen Moose – Commercial Real Estate Agent
  43. David Repka – Commercial Real Estate Investor and President @ Bison Financial Group
  44. Lex Levinrad – Real Estate Investor, Trainer, and Speaker
  45. Erik Patridge - REO and Note Buyer, CEO @ Partridge World Wide Holdings
  46. Daniel Rothamel – Real Estate Agent and Founder @
  47. Alan Pollack – Commercial Real Estate Broker and Owner @ Delta Investment Group
  48. Jeff Bernheisel – Real Estate Professional and Marketing Coordinator @ Inman News
  49. Dustin Luther – Internet Marketing Strategist and Founder @
  50. Eric Bryn – Vice President, Strategic Development @ Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World
  51. John Kutsmeda – Commercial Private Lender and Note Buyer
  52. Tom Hendrickson – Professional Real Estate Investor
  53. Barry G. Wolf – Commercial Real Estate Broker @ Coldwell Banker Commercial Worldwide
  54. Antwan Stevens – Real Estate Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer
  55. Peter Tarshis – Real Estate Consultant @ Royal Lepage Real Estate Services
  56. Jolenta Averill, MBA – Broker / Owner @ Lake & City Homes Realty
  57. Larry Devine Rce – Real Estate Wholesaler and Internet Marketer
  58. Stephanie Lannotti – Real Estate Investor and Mentor @ USA Marketing & Development
  59. Larry Loik – Real Estate Investor and Founder @ The Real Estate Investor Network
  60. Karen M. Riscinto – Owner and Property Manager @ Florida Lifestyle Property Management
  61. Josh Schoenly – Real Estate Agent Trainer and Coach
  62. Fred Bender – Real Estate Investor and Owner @
  63. Carol Stinson – Real Estate Investor and Wholesaler
  64. Joshua Dorkin – Real Estate Investor and Founder of
  65. Glenn Kelman – Founder and CEO @ Redfin
  66. Julie Broad – Owner / Partner @ Rev N You
  67. Joe Stampone – Masters Student at the NYU Shack Institute of Real Estate
  68. Agi Anderson – Real Estate Broker and Social Media Coach @ ePro Advisor Virtual Real Estate Consulting
  69. Marty Boardman – Real Estate Investor and  CFO @ Rising Sun Capital Group
  70. Debra Paris – Associate Broker @ Daniel Gale Sotheby’s Int’l Real Estate
  71. Peter Vekselman – Real Estate Investor, Mentor and Coach
  72. Dennis Henson – Real Estate Investor and President
  73. Geoff Ball – Real Estate Investor and Private Money Lender
  74. Tim Decapua – President @ GWG Group, Short Sale Expert
  75. David Payerchin – Real Estate Investor and Short Sale Expert

Ok…that about wraps it up for now!  If you don’t see your name on this list and believe that you should be on it then contact me via on my profile:


If you are not found on the first page of you do not exist!  Link building is the art of getting other websites to link to yours and is a major real estate search engine optimization strategy that many investors and real estate professionals find extremely hard to do correctly.  The goal is to get as many high quality, relevant websites to link back to yours.  It is a powerful marketing tool that can improve your search engine rankings and bring you high qualified traffic from both the search engines as well as the websites that link directly to you.

Link building and online marketing are almost synonymous.  Your link building strategy should consider the relevancy and popularity of the website(s) where the inbound links are coming from and should try and stay within the real estate industry.  The exception to this rule is if a website or directory has a lot of authority, extremely high pagerank, or is a .edu or .gov.

How To Get Started Building Quality Links

Building quality inbound links begins with creating good content.  I posted a blog about creating a good linkbaiting strategy, which should help you begin thinking about how to create good content.  As a real estate professional or investor creating good content is not that hard.  Our industry is full of niches and news giving you plenty of topics to springboard from.  Create a list of targeted websites that have good pagerank and authority and begin requesting a link exchange with their web masters.  Show them that your site is constantly producing high quality, fresh content and will link back to them if they link to you!

Here are a couple of ideas to help you design a good linking strategy for your online real estate business.  I have used all of these over time and have many number one ranked websites because of the links I have created off of these sites:

URL Or Short Tail Link Phrases

When linking to another site, instead of using their URL (web address), try using a relevant search phrase.  For example instead of linking to, use Real Estate Investing Social Network.  This link gives more SEO juice than just using the URL and has a higher convertibility rate because more readers will click on it if they know exactly what the link links them to!

Stay Away From Link Farms Or Purchasing Links

A Link Farm is a network of unrelated websites that link to each other with the sole purpose of building inbound links.  Many of us have received an email from someone saying “We have just reviewed your website and have added a link to it from us.  Please link back to ours in return”.  These spammy links are not good quality links and many search engines penalize or ban link farms once they are found.  Be careful when approached to reciprocate links with websites that have too many outbound links already.

As far as purchasing links this can go either way so always do your research.  In some cases you can find a good high-ranking blog and contact the blogger to work out a purchased link.  Broker this behind the scenes and always make sure to do this within the same industry (stay away from gambling websites at all cost).  I have used sites like in the past to get some blog reviews done and it has worked out ok…but I would do this with extreme caution.  Too many paid links can get you in trouble with the Search Engines!

At the end of the day the more content you create for your real estate website or blog will dictate how easy it will be for you to convince other websites to link to you.  Stay persistent when requesting links from others and be careful when it comes to buying links.  I hope this little tidbit of information helps and you can always contact me if you want to reciprocate links…I will check you out and if we are a good match I would be happy to share a little link loving with you!

Cody Sperber

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