Arizona SEO Consultant

What Are You Doing To Market Your Business, Products, Or Services Online In 2010?

Here’s the truth…most Arizona SEO consultants SUCK!  When I launched my first website in 2005 I had no idea what I was doing.  When my website went live I expected the phone calls and leads to come rolling in…but guess what happened?  NOTHING!  Then a month went by and still nothing.  I knew I had to do something but I didn’t even know what search engine optimization or search engine marketing was.  I started Googling and learned I needed an “Arizona SEO Consultant” to help guide me to online domination.  I called a few I found on Google.  I called a few I found on Craigslist.  I even posted some ads on local forums and they all said the same thing…that they were the best and that they could get me to the top of the search engines in no time.  So I picked one that charged me $6000 a month plus set me up on a pay per click campaign that cost me another $3000 a month.  So three months and $27,000 later I still was nowhere to be found and the only leads I was getting was from PPC.  I fired him and hired another guy.  Again two more wasted months and no real traction.

So My Journey Of Learning About Search Engine Optimization Began!

This is around the time I said enough is enough.  I will not pay for crappy service, bad follow-up,  and little results.  I started researching and learning about content writing, press release and article distribution, meta and title tags, good site structure, how to build a solid inbound linking campaign, and what website platforms are best for search engines.  Over time I became a good blogger and social networker focusing more on YEO (You Engaging Others) to power my SEO campaigns.  Fast forward over 10 #1 RANKING WEBSITES later and I became a BEAST online generating HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of real estate leads per month that power my real estate investing business.  Because of all my hard work I manipulated a turbulent market and leveled off the highs and lows by having a constant stream of new business knocking on my door instead of me going out trying to find them!

I Began Helping A Few Others And An Arizona SEO Consulting Service Was Born.

So if you are searching for an Arizona SEO Consultant then maybe we should have a chat.  Search engine optimization is an art and not a cookie cutter formula.  That is why hiring a so called “SEO expert” is so scary…there is no guarantee what your going to get!  I offer FREE consultations to review your website or website idea and will help you create a lead generating plan that is specific to your industry, product, or service needs.  If you want honest, ethical SEO practices from a guy that takes pride in his work then maybe…just maybe we will be a GOOD FIT!

Here Is A List Of The Services I Offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization Consulting
  • WordPress Blog Creation And Optimization
  • Real Estate Copywriting / Ghost Blogging
  • Video Optimization And Distribution
  • Press Release / Article Creation And Distribution
  • Google Pay Per Click Campaign Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design Consulting
  • Online Brand Management And Awareness Campaigns

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Me As An Arizona SEO Consultant:

  1. I am a hard worker that is extremely prideful of any work that I perform.
  2. I have been where you are and know how lame it is to hire a person that talks the talk but cannot perform.
  3. I am a small business owner just like you.  I own an Arizona real estate investment company called Klever Investor, LLC which wholesales houses we purchase at auction.  I have flipped over 70 homes in the last six months!   I also own an Arizona Short Sale business that works leads I receive from and and have completed hundreds of Arizona short sales over the last few years.
  4. I am a fast learner…if there is something that you need that I cannot do I know how to figure it out, or find someone that can achieve your goals for you.
  5. I ONLY TAKE ON 4 CLIENTS A MONTH.  Thats it…just four because I know how much time and content creation I have to do for my clients to truly succeed and see REAL RESULTS.

So that about sums up what you need to know.  If you want to have a conversation about your search engine optimization needs then CONTACT ME HERE and I will get back to you within 24 hrs.  I look forward to earning your business and trust.