Content Is King And You Suck At Writing!

by Cody Sperber on March 12, 2010

Real Estate Copywriter

Why Finding A Good Real Estate Copywriter Is So Important For Your SEO!

If your like me then you also believe that time is money.  You became a real estate professional for a reason and i’m going to guess that wasn’t to spend your days writing blog posts, uploading fresh content to your websites, or submitting articles to the ezines.  Since we are commission minded (profit centered if your an investor) we live and die by the deals that we do.  If we stop focusing on getting new business, then we don’t earn!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a constant stream of potential buyer, seller, or investor leads to help smooth the ups and downs of the real estate market?  Well that is exactly what you will get if your website or blog ranks on the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).  In my opinion creating fresh, unique content to your website or blog is the key to gaining rank within those SERPs so having a good real estate copywriter in your SEO arsenal is a fantastic idea!

But Where Can You Find A Good Real Estate Copywriter?

Well you could Google “real estate copywriter” and you will find a few such as, and  Now I have spoken to Marte and she is a very busy lady and a great real estate copywriter.  She is busy because her site is #1 on the Google results page due to her website “real estate” related copy, meta and title tags, and because she has written dozens and dozens of articles about real estate copywriting and linked those articles back to her website!  And Dakno is a great web design company who’s owner was originally a copywriter that turned business owner focusing on real estate website design.  I have a Dakno real estate website ( and because of tons of related content, and great site design and link structure, I rank #1 on Google for many “Arizona Short Sale” search terms.  Until just recently I had done all my own real estate copywriting, but the professionals at Dakno could surely help you and write great real estate related copy for your website or blog!

Find A Good Real Estate Copywriter By Searching Through The Ezines! LogoEzines are basically  online article distribution websites that allows anyone to write and submit articles for free or for a small fee.  You could visit one of the Ezine websites and work backwards!  Visit and click on the real estate drop down tab and pick a sub category.  Then read some articles until you find a writer that you like and then contact them to see if they would be interested in ghost writing for you!  I have used this approach and found some great writers that don’t traditionally write for others and I am confident they have specific knowledge about whatever real estate niche I want them to write about.  This is a great approach to get some good copy with real estate search engine optimization in mind.

Find A Copywriter At A Real Estate Social Networking Site! LogoEver visit  This is a free real estate social networking website for real estate professionals where its members blog just about anything and everything real estate.  I have a few blogs and have made many great relationships reading, commenting, and writing on this site.  I have also found some great bloggers that have created some amazing real estate articles for me that I have distributed over the Ezines!  There are thousands of bloggers on these types of social networking websites with all sorts of knowledge…i’m confident you could find a real estate copywriter here!

Well, I hope this post helps you find a good copywriter and gets you thinking about writing content with real estate SEO in mind!  Content is still king in the search engine optimization world and I can prove it…I have websites with just a few inbound links that rank #1 on Google!  They do this because I have tons of fresh related content and good site structure.  I also know some like Marte who powers her website to the top of Google simply with articles distributed through the Ezines and blog posts she writes!  Anyways just remember that SEO is a turtle race so don’t give up and keep on writing!


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