How To Insert A Graphic Into A WordPress Blog Post

by Cody Sperber on March 28, 2010

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How To Insert A Graphic With Text Wrapped Around It In A WordPress Blog Post

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Wrapping text around an image is not very difficult as long as you know what to do!  Step one is writing your text which is what we are doing right now.  Then you need to take your graphic you want to click on the Upload/Insert button at the top of the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.  Then select the file from your computer and click the “select” button.

SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure you save your graphic as an SEO optimized keyword or phrase….the more help we give Google in identifying the image the better!

Next add a good SEO optimized “Title” ,”Alt Text” description, and “Description” focused on a specific keyword or search phrase…remember not to keyword stuff because Google does not like that!  Lastly choose what “Alignment” you want and then click the “Insert Into Post”.

Now that we have the image in our post the last thing to do is go back and format the image to be in the desired location with the text wrapping around it properly.  For this we click on the image and then click on the little picture icon.  Then click on “Advanced Setting” and half way down you should see “Image Properties”.  In the “Vertical Space” add a “5”, and in the “Horizontal Space” add a “5”.  This “5” creates a space five pixels in size in between the words and the graphic!  If you want to move the image simply click and drag it to the line you want it to start at and then let it go.  The image should move to the desired space.  If you want to move the image from the right to the left or center simply click on the graphic and then click on the little image icon.  Change the alignment and your image should move to the side of your post you want it to!

As you can see wrapping text around images is easy to do and makes your blog posts much more enjoyable and entertaining to read.  Remember we are lazy and want to look at pretty pictures!!!

I hope this simple little training tidbit helps and in a future real estate SEO training post we will cover how to add video to your blog posts using both YouTube or a WordPress video player plugin.  This is also very easy to do even a caveman can do it!  Until then this is Cody Sperber from signing off…


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