How To Track What Others Are Saying About You Online

by Cody Sperber on March 15, 2010

Google Alert

Why Real Estate Professionals Should Use Google Alerts and Google BlogSearch To Track What Others Are Saying About Them Online.

Were you ever curious as to what others are saying about you online?  If so, then you must sign up for a free Google Alerts account.  Google Alerts is a FREE service that notifies you whenever someone writes about a topic that interests you.  You can set this up to email you whenever anyone writes about you in a press release, website, or blog.  As a real estate professional it is a great idea to see what others are saying about you and the quality of your service.  Since the service is free, you can create as many alerts as you want.  So if you are a broker you can set it up to notify you if your brokerage name or agents names are mentioned, and if you are a real estate investment company you can track any of your management or staff, big clients, or competition!  I set up mine to email me once a week, but you can set it up to notify you immediately if you want to.

Now Google Alerts does not always do that great of a job grabbing content from blogs.  So once in a while I also check my name on Googles Blog Search (  I input my name and then sort the results by date.  This helps give me a good idea when others are writing about me or my short sale services!  I hope these sites help and now it is time to go track some auction properties…we bid down at the courthouse steps every day so wish me luck and hopefully I will get a few good ones to reload my wholesale inventory.  Keep reading my real estate search engine optimization blog ( for more helpful tips and tricks to dominate online.


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