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by Cody Sperber on March 22, 2010 Review By Real Estate SEO Expert Cody Sperber LogoI am always a big fan of automation but as far as real estate search engine optimization I have been let down again and again by software that just doesn’t work.  Article spinners and directory submitters for the most part suck and are a major waste of time.  When I came across Social Marker I got excited because submitting your website or blog posts to all of the social bookmarking sites is soooooo time consuming.  Basically is a website that automates social bookmarking to save you a BUNCH of time.  A social bookmark is basically a way for internet users to share, organize, and search web pages that they find cool or useful.  So if you found this blog post useful you would social bookmark it on say or  It takes a while to go to each social bookmarking site and set up an account, but once you do this website tool automates the bookmarking process and cuts down the time it takes to bookmark on this many sites by hours!

Why Social Bookmarking Is Important

There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites out there (see my list of favorites below) but the real value from a social bookmarks comes from any “link love” you will get from others finding the bookmarks and aggregating them onto their own blog or website as well as getting your new fresh content (blog post or website page) indexed.  You see you can think of the internet as one big high school and your website is running for prom king or queen.  The more votes you get the more popular your website is.  Google and other search engines like websites with “votes” and that is basically how you get higher rankings.  A good social bookmarking campaign is a great way to get your webpages indexed so they start showing up on the major search engines as well as have others link to you because you are sharing great content with the world.

My opinion of the site is this…I like the concept a lot.  Setting up all the accounts at the different social bookmarking sites takes forever, but one you get it set up it works pretty fast (comparatively to doing it manually).  The downsides I can see is that you post the same content to every site (no option to switch up titles and tags easily).  Overall I like it and continually use it for my real estate search engine optimization!

From one real estate SEO expert to another…I hope this cool tool helps and if you ever need real estate SEO advice just give me a shout and I will try and help any way I can.

Her Are Some Of My Favorite Social Bookmarking Sites:

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