Simple Search Engine Optimization For Real Estate Professionals

by Cody Sperber on March 8, 2010

SEO Training Specifically For The Real Estate Industry

Welcome to day one of my blog at  With this blog I hope to share my thoughts and insights on a topic that has helped me create an online lead generating empire in my local market…search engine optimization (SEO).  I also want to shed light on the importance of online social networking and its importance to the real estate world.  This blog will cover topics ranging from search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), real estate business blogging, social networking for real estate professionals, graphic and video optimization, cool real estate web 2.0 websites, press release / article distribution, and just about anything I think will help you gain online visibility to generate leads and credibility.

Why Should Real Estate Professionals Get Search Engine Optimization Training?

Search Engine Optimization Training For Real Estate ProfessionalsBecause we are tired of financial droughts, we love money, and we all don’t want to work very hard to get it.  Real estate search terms are extremely competitive and most so called “search engine optimization experts” are ridiculously ineffective.  If any of you have every hired an SEO person to help you gain online visibility you ended up with one thing…an empty wallet!  Unfortunately the problem is laziness.  You could generate all the business you could handle if you just applied yourself for one hour a day towards online marketing.  But where do you begin?  Thats where this real estate search engine optimization training blog comes in.  Learn tips and tricks to gaining visibility and forget about all the crap that doesn’t work.  Let this real estate SEO blog act as a guide to get you thinking about SEO and how it can catapult your real estate business through the roof!

Much more to come later.  My name is Cody Sperber and I am a full time real estate investor living in Arizona.  Over the last 5 years I have built dozens and dozens of websites, blogs, directories, and wiki’s all designed to generate buyer leads, seller leads, or money leads.  I own some of the highest ranking real estate websites in Arizona such as www.foreclosureCOUNSELING.COM,,, and my newest project which is a social networking website for real estate investors.  It is a busy time for me but each week I aim to share what I know about SEO and social networking so you too can profit from the leads and relationships you generate online!

Cody Sperber

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