Smells Like SEO Bull Crap – Why Guaranteed Rankings Don’t Work

by Cody Sperber on April 2, 2010

Guaranteed Google Results

First off I just wanted to tell my four (maybe five) readers of this blog I am sorry for being absent the last few days.  I am creating some search engine optimization video training for real estate professionals and it is much harder than I thought it would be.  I relate it to leaving a voicemail…I leave the voicemail and then make the mistake of listening to what I just said.  Then I erase it and leave another one that was much worse!  10 voicemails later I end up giving up and just saying “call me”.  Anyways, I got an email from a good friend of mine that owns a screen printing company ( and he asked me what my thoughts were on a company that contacted him and “Guaranteed #1 First Page Google Results Within 7 Days“.  First I thought maybe they were selling him on their Google Local Business Listing service, but after closer examination they were not…they were selling an actual “Guaranteed Top 10″ placement on Google organically!  Obviously if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and if he gets caught doing any Black Hat SEO then his already ranking website could get penalized!  Search Engine Optimization is a turtle race…building good content for your website or blog, creating a good on-site linking structure, optimizing your meta and title tags, and then building authoritative inbound links over time is the basic formula for high rankings and SEO success!  GUARANTEED TOP 10 PLACEMENT IN GOOGLE WITHIN 7 DAYS IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT LOCAL BUSINESS LISTINGS, VIDEO OPTIMIZATION, OR HOW SOME SEARCH ENGINES ARE NOW USING “REAL TIME CONTENT” (Twitter / Facebook / Chats) DISPLAYED ON THE FIRST PAGE.  Other than that you are probably looking at Blackhat SEO techniques or a flat out scam!

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Basically Black Hat SEO is search engine crawler spam as a result of bad SEO techniques designed to trick the search engines to rank your site higher on the SERPS (search engine results pages).  In other words it is unethical SEO that is intended to break search engines rules and regulations resulting in bad viewer experience.  Here is a list of the top 7 Black Hat SEO Techniques:

  1. Black Hat SEO Techniques To Be Aware OfKeyword Stuffing - This is just what it sounds like.  An obvious overuse of keywords or search phrases within the content of a webpage or its meta / title / alt tags.  Some users even stuff keywords using “Invisible Text” which is where you make the text the same color as the background of your webpage so humans cannot see it, but web crawlers can!
  2. Cloaking - This is where you run a script that lets you know whether or not a visitor to your website is a human or a web crawler.  Based on this determination the script will either show your real website (to a human), or a different fully optimized website (that is not that graphically pleasing but super optimized) to the web crawler.  If you get caught doing this your website will get banned!
  3. Doorway Pages - These are hidden pages within your website that are only visible to web crawlers.  These sites are not designed to get seen by human visitors because they are super optimized pages that are typically not that graphically pleasing.  Search engines view “Doorway Pages” as spam and a violation of their search engine rules.
  4. Duplicate Content - This is where you create different websites, or pages within your main website and cut and paste the same content over and over but change out a few keywords or phrases.  People in the real estate industry did this quite often and just changed out the “City” for example you would have a paragraph about “cash for houses in _________, Arizona” and create pages for each City within Arizona with the same content.  You get penalized for doing this and your website rankings will go down.
  5. Code Swapping - Same concept as Cloaking, but instead of running a script, a webmaster actually designs two different websites.  One that is only optimized for the search engine spiders, and one that is only for humans.  They use the one optimized for the search engines to get the site ranking then “swap” the code to the one meant for humans.  This only works until the web crawlers return and re-cache the website.
  6. Sneaky Redirects - A redirect is where a webpage “redirects” you to another page or website when a certain trigger is reached.  Maybe it is because you moved your mouse, or maybe it happens after you are on the site for a certain amount of time.  Blackhat SEO’s use redirects by optimizing a webpage for the search engines (one that is not meant for humans) and get it ranking.  When a person clicks on the website link they are immediately redirected to another page…usually a high pressure sales page.  In other words the page you clicked on to visit is not the actual webpage you end up seeing!
  7. Spamouflage Comments - This is where you use an automated program to comment on other peoples blogs that is intended to build backlinks to your website.  The comments are intended to sound legitimate, but are not really you…just a program that runs consistently.  While this is not technically going to get you banned or blacklisted from any search engines, it will piss some people off!

Looks Like A Link Farm To Me?

Link farming can mean one of two things…either you go out and build a bunch of websites with fresh content on them that all link to your main website, or you pay a service to get their list of websites to all link to your main website.  In the Blackhat SEO world what they do is register all  of these domains with fake information to make them seem non-related to each others.  Some will even go as far as using separate hosting accounts, prepaid credit cards, fake names, and a bunch of P.O Boxes to register and host the web domains!  The problem arises if the search engines see that all these websites link to each other in various ways.  A true link farm will link all the sites to each other multiple times which obviously would not happen in the real world if they were truly independent websites.  Many times companies that claim they can boost your rankings quickly will use their link farms to power your SEO which will give you an immediate boost.  Problem is when the search engines realize this is what you are doing they will automatically penalize you or even blacklist your website from the SERPs.

I AM NOT PROMOTING BLACK HAT SEO TECHNIQUES, BUT IF YOU DO BUILD YOUR OWN LINKFARM DO NOT HAVE THEM LINK TOGETHER BACK AND FORTH. Have separate hosted sites on different “C” blocks. (A “C” block is the part of the IP address that tells the search engines what hosting company is hosting the domains…so for instance if your IP address is then the “A” block is 123, the “B” block is 45, the “C” block is 67, and the “D” block is 89)  Also have the registration of the domain names totally independent and non related to your main website.  If you are going to do this I suggest building a couple of really good WordPress blogs that have unique content on them and register keyword rich domain names particular to your industry, product, or service.  Have the blogs link only to your main website and not to each other.  Over time these links will add value to your main website and possibly drive traffic your way.

NOTE: The best strategy is to create some good Link Bait (content that others will put on their website or blog not because you asked them to, but because it is just good stuff that they want to share with their viewers).  This can be viral video’s, top 10 lists, or comments on fresh news.  In the amount of time you will take to build a good link farm you could have the same amount of authoritative back links to your website and for much less money than building and hosting a bunch of websites!

Take Your Time And Do Your Real Estate SEO The Right Way!

If you want instant leads for your real estate (or any other business for that matter), then hire a good pay per click consultant until you get your rankings organically.  Don’t fall for these search engine optimization scams that prey on unsuspecting small business owners by implementing Blackhat SEO that could get your site banned for life from the SERPs.  Instead  optimize your website and continue to create relevant content focused around your chosen keywords.  Build relationships with other website owners and bloggers within your industry and build inbound links from these authoritative websites and blogs.  Optimize your images and videos and always make sure you stay away from Blackhat SEO techniques that could land your site into trouble.  Getting my websites ranking took me ridiculous hours creating content and optimizing the sites themselves.  Eventually I got #1 rankings for every search term I targeted but it took a long time and a TON of work.  You too can get your real estate business cooking with Crisco as long as you learn real estate search engine optimization basics like the ones found on this real estate SEO blog and implement them on a daily basis.

Hope this post helps you avoid getting ripped off or blacklisted on the SERPs…


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