Why Real Estate Professionals Should Set Up A Local Business Listing.

by Cody Sperber on March 13, 2010

How To Set Up A Google Local Business Listing

This Is A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Set Up Your Google Local Business Listing.

As a real estate investor or agent you want your services to be found by potential customers.  Up until just recently only the top ranking websites that spent TONS of time doing real estate search engine optimization would be found on the first page of Google.  That all changed once Google started displaying local business listings.  At first their were just a few displayed but as their popularity grew up to 10 listing would display on the top of the first page above all the other organic search results.  While this is frustrating to those that worked so hard to get to the top of the SERPS, it gave a HUGE opportunity to anyone with a phone number and an address to be seen by customers looking for real estate services in a specific area!  You should absolutely be taking advantage of this by setting up your FREE local business listing  and optimizing your local business listing as shown below:

Google Local Business Listing Setup Page1) Go To www.Google.com/local/add And Set Up A Free Account. It is probably best that you set up a Gmail if you don’t have one yet because you can use this for Local Business Listings, your Adwords account, and your Google Analytics account.

2) Input Your Companies Information.  Pay special attention to the “Company/Organization” If you are a real estate agent then just put your name in the following format: Phoenix Real Estate Agent – Cody Sperber.  If your a brokerage or investment company then input it like: West USA Realty, Residential Home Sales or Klever Investor – Arizona Investment Properties.  The point is to not stuff a bunch of keywords into your title.  Just put your name or companies name and the most descriptive keyword or search phrase that you think your customers are looking for.  A good way to help you build a great title is is you have Google Analytics on your website.  You can then see what search terms your visitors are searching for when they find your website.  Use the most popular search phrase in your title to get the best results!

NOTE: Make sure that the city that you choose to focus on is the same city where your address is located.  This helps Google populate your local business listing in the right place!

3) Write Your Description. A well written description helps Google populate your listing as well as helps covert viewers to clickers when they are scrolling through the list of available choices and reading what they offer!

NOTE: Just like your title, when writing your description don’t stuff it full of keywords.  Just input what you do and what you specialize in.  Ex. “Cody Sperber is a Phoenix, Arizona short sale Realtor that specializes in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and sell their upside down houses.”

4) Pick Your Categories Wisely.  Google forces you to choose at least one general category such as “Real Estate Agency” or “Foreclosure Services”.  But after you choose one general category, then you can pick up to four more custom categories.  This is where having Google Analytics really helps so you can choose categories that your website viewers are searching for.  Examples of custom categories would be “Arizona short sale”, “Phoenix Buyers Agent”, or “Arizona Investment Properties”.

5) Input Photos And Videos.  This is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition.  Your picture, the picture of your office building, or a video of you talking explaining why your the best choice as a real estate professional in that specific area will definitely help your local business listing populate within the search engine results pages.  Plus it helps as a conversion tool as well!

KleverInvestor.com Local Business Listing

6) Fill Out Additional Details.  This is the last step in the process and usually the most under utilized real estate search engine optimization trick to the local business listings.  In the real estate industry we could add things such as “Certified Short Sale Negotiator: Yes”, “Accredited Buyers Agent: Yes”, or any certification we have earned.  As a real estate investor you could put something such as “Arizona Investment Properties For Sale: Yes” or “Foreclosure Auction Bidding Service: Yes”.  These “additional details” is Googles way of having the owner of the business describe what it is they specialize in so they can tailor the local business listing results to specific search phrases Googles searches input.

After you have optimized your local business listing you will simply have to verify your listing by phone or mail and then give it a few days to populate.  Depending on how specific your details were on your LBL will directly influence whether your LBL shows up on the SERPS.  You can have many local business listings as long as you have a fresh phone number and address each time your create one.  A good way to get additional coverage is to have each employee or co-worker create their own LBL with using their home addresses.  This does not violate Googles local business listing guidelines in my opinion because you are offering a service that sometimes covers multiple cities.  This is just a creative way to get your listings to display in the same areas your actual services are offered.  Google Local Business Listings are just one more tool in your real estate SEO tool belt and I hope this step-by-step tutorial of how to set up your local business listing helps get you some more business.  It’s Saturday and I am going to go spend some time with family…until next post…


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