Top 10 Real Estate Blogs Every Real Estate Professional Should Read

by Cody Sperber on April 3, 2010

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs

Are you hungry for real estate information, news, and advice? From real estate investing to being a better real estate agent this list of the top 10 real estate blogs is a valuable source of information and advice on the web.  Now I love real estate, working in the real estate industry, and learning how to be the best damn real estate investor mankind has ever known and I search these blogs throughout the month and they always deliver the good stuff in spades!  This list is in no particular order and covers topics such as real estate investing, web 2.0 tools for real estate agents, fresh real estate news, general entrepreneurship,  and real estate website design / marketing.

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs Every Real Estate Professional Should Read

Real Estate Relativity Blog

1) Eric Bryn puts the smack down on some real estate social media research and backs up most of his opinions with some good ole data!  If your into reading research articles about real estate than this is the blog for you!

Bran Inman Blog Logo
2) (you know the creator of - This blog gives insight to the mind of a tech savvy entrepreneur…one that we all should be aspiring to be like!

Bloodhound Realty Blog Logo

3) - Greg Swann is an Arizona Realtor on a mission to change the face of real estate one blog post at a time…and he is doing a great job so far!

Your Coach Tom Ferry Blog Logo

4) - If you don’t know who Tom Ferry is…you should!  this guy is the real deal and I can always respect a guy who talks the talk and walks the walk.  Get your motivation on from the same guy that probably taught your favorite Realtors Realtor.

Bigger Pockets Blog Logo

5) - This is a multi-contributer blog dedicated to real estate investors.  Every once in a while someone throws down a good post.

Jeff Turners Blog Logo

6) (also has blogs at and  - I was to say I didn’t get some of my video blogging inspiration from Jeff Turner I would be lying.  Fantastic real estate technology blogger and speaker that definitely has made an impression on the game.

MyTechOpinion Blog Logo

7) - Nicole Nicolay (NikNik) over at My Tech Opinion has her finger on the pulse when it comes to real estate technology, blogging, and social networking.  I am becoming a fan of her blogging style so check her and the other pro bloggers out at this cool RE blog.

Dakno Marketing Blog Logo

8) - The real estate web masters over at Dakno Marketing are not only a fantastic website design team, but real estate marketing pros that give away some great advice on their real estate marketing blog.

4Realz Blog Logo

9) - Dustin Luther from is a blogging machine that teaches you a thing or two about real estate technology, lead generation, and online marketing.  His Facebook tutorials are fantastic and a must read.

Mike Mueller's (We Are All Connected) Blog Logo

10) - Mike Mueller is a tech and social media consultant and of course a damn good blogger.  I like how he mixes video, audio, and pictures into his blog posts to really teach others how to succeed using new media for lead generation.

Here are a couple of close runner ups that I think have started to create a little industry buzz and will be a positive influence on the industry in the coming years: - Real Estate Website Design And Online Marketing Company – The blog is a typical real estate blog but they have their moments of excellence…such as their Top 50 Real Estate People To Follow On Twitter. - JP Moses brings some good real estate investing advice and shows readers how to make money investing in real estate.

If you think I missed a good real estate blog then send me an email by clicking here.

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